Monday, January 11, 2016

Team magma stole my soul.

Hello world! One thing to know about me. I love team magma!!!
So if you have any questions about team magma ask me.
Team magma is an organization that use the legendary Pokemon Groudon to increase the amount of land.                                  
                  When groudon comes in contact with the red orb he becomes primal Groudon.
Team magma members are: the grunts, Tabatha, Courtny, clyde (we made him up.), and the leader Maxie.
Team magma's enemies are called team aqua. Team aqua is basically trying to do the exact opposite
of team magma. Team aqua want to use the Pokemon Kyoger to increase the amount of water.
Now both teams are pretty interesting (but mostly team magma)but I'm going to stop talking now so
goodbye for now.

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